Inside my beehive - mid-June


IMG_3068Here are just a couple of snapshots from the workings inside my beehive.  They are making progress with their colony size and there are some honey stores (not much, but some).  I am keeping a close eye, monitoring and treating for Varroa in effort to build them up as strong as they can be.   


School Days - June - Minnesota Parent


The June issue of Minnesota Parent Magazine is available throughout Minnesota and online now.  My School Days Column this month is titled:  "Let Them Play!" 

Megan Devine - Minnesota Parent Magazine

Be sure to check out all of the other great content in the full issue as well!


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Last Day - Michigan Vacation

Michigan Vacation Last Day - 5Michigan Vacation Last Day - 10

Michigan Vacation Last Day - 12
Michigan Vacation Last Day - 21

Michigan Vacation Last Day - 21

The night of our family vacation was spent at a harbor town a little closer to home - Duluth, MN.  We pushed through Wisconsin on a day that the heat reached close to 90 degrees.  We were going to stay in Ashland, Wisconsin, but the idea of spending an afternoon in the camper with hot and crabby kids did not sound like our cup of tea - so drove on and found a place to stay on Park Point in Duluth.  We were tourists in Canal Park with a different perspective watching ships going under the ariel lift bridge that could have been in other harbor towns on our trip.  

All in all we had a wonderful vacation!  

Around Here...

Bees 1Hive 3Bees 1
Hive 3
Hive 3 

Bees 1

These last weeks of school are a whirlwind.  With my own responsiblities and happenings as well as those of our family (our four children are getting busier and moving in all of their own directions with there interests and activities) I have not found that much time for updating this space.

However, I am taking a few minutes today to share a snapshot of my garden that I just planted.  You may notice I went all out with weed covering this year.

I also am sharing some pictures from my hive investigation this morning, I was happy to see things moving along with the bees.  They are doing what they are suppose to do - and it is a privilege for me to watch, nurture and help them out in my own little way.

Signing off for now -

Happy Weekending Friends!