herbs, ketchup, peppers and pizza










I had a productive afternoon in the garden, kitchen and pantry.   I harvested some herbs to use and to dry.   When I was tidying up and taking inventory in our pantry I found some hiding pickles, salsa and canned tomatoes from last season.   I decided to use up our canned tomatoes to make some ketchup - a family favorite, especially in the summer when we do a little more grilling.   I also ground up the peppers I dried last fall so they are a little easier to use.

 The season of harvesting, preserving - and enjoying the garden's bounty has officially began!



I spent a good part of a rainy day yesterday in the kitchen and pantry drying herbs, making ketchup from the last of our canned tomatoesI gathered my big first harvest of herbs.  I collected some basil, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano and chives.  After those were washed and drying I decided to go through the pantry, where found our last jars of pickles and four jars of home canned salsa that were overlooked in all


::June blues


I just had a feeling, given the heat and humidity the last couple of days, that I just may find some ripe blues in my backwoods, ridge-top, early ripening berry picking spot.  

And I did!  This afternoon I was able to harvest my first handful of wild blueberries of the season.  It looks to be a good year!  With just a few more hot, sunny days I will be harvesting these berries to make into blueberry muffins, pancakes cakes and jam -and- to save in the freezer to enjoy over the winter in smoothies and on oatmeal.


Wellie Wishers

WellieWishers World Doll Set-HR

Kindergarten-age characters wearing funky mud boots helping kids learn positive social skills through literature and play - this is right up my alley - and I get to share some fun with Kids and Eggs readers!

American Girl just launched a new fun line of dolls & books for girls age 5 to 7. The WellieWishers‬ friends--Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille--imagine and play in an enchanted neighborhood garden supervised by Aunt Miranda. Through their heartwarming and humorous adventures, the WellieWishers help a girl to learn how to "stand in another person's wellies" to discover the skills of empathy, kindness, and compassion that will help her be a good friend.

Stay tuned for an interview with author Valerie Tripp, a product review & GIVEAWAY!!!!  Wellie Wishers

turning weeds to eggs





Our expanded garden entails a bit more effort to keep the weeds under control.  As result, I spent a significant portion of this afternoon on my hands and knees digging in the dirt pulling weeds.  I collected a big bucketful of greens to treat the hens, which they will use as nutrients for their summer golden-yolk eggs.  I consider it a good trade off for my the time and effort.  





While I was out taking pictures of the chickens I wandered off to our other coop where we are raising our three pullets that I hatched in my kindergarten classroom this past Spring.  It is fun to see them grow and change!  Soon they will be graduating off of their chick-starter food and eating layer mash just like our more mature hens and ready to jump in and establish their pecking order in the flock.


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::a day trip to the shore

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The kids and I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and we took a day trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Just over an hour drive yields opportunity to explore state parks, pebble beaches and waterfalls.  We spent the day picnicking, collecting rocks and reuniting with the sound of crashing waves.  Such a lovely way to spend a Thursday.

::school days - June


The June issue of Minnesota Parent Magazine is available throughout Minnesota and online now. Myy School Days Column in this month is "Mama Screen Time Redefined." You can find the article through THIS LINK. If you like what you see, social media 'shares' are appreciated.

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It has been a day of catching up and getting back into the rhythm of life on our Northwoods hobby farm.  It was fun to see the new sprouts and changes in growth in the garden and it feels good to have completed a good, productive weeding.   A quick hike up our ridge revealed blooming wildflowers and berries ready to ripen.  

Back home, feeling grounded after a productive day.



snapshots from South Carolina







Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.39.00 PM



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We just returned home from a wonderful family vacation to the ocean.  We spent the last week in South Carolina enjoying the waves of the Atlantic.   It was wonderful to have these days together as a family - spending time at the beach, collecting shells and making memories.

Now we're back in Northern Minnesota, catching up - mowing the lawn, weeding the garden and reuniting with our animals.   Grateful for this lovely trip - and ready to be home.





It has been a very full and busy day.  Taking a moment now just to take a breath and share and enjoy this captured moment in time my husband was able to share with me - and that I want to share with you.