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It sure feels like Spring in my kindergarten class!   We are reading Charlotte's Web, we have a windowsill full of plants, we have a bunny running around the classroom - and - we have chicks hatching!  So far four chicks have hatched -Lola, Chirp, Paul and Fluffers.  I posted some videos to my instagram account if you want to see them in action.  I LOVE sharing these fun experiences with the children in my life!

a weekend with friends












We enjoyed a weekend connecting and celebrating with friends who came to visit from their home in Wisconsin.  Although the weather was cold and rainy, we made to the woods for some adventures (with 8 young children in tow!).  We are grateful for this friendship that has proven to endure distance and time.  We had a lovely weekend!

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Spring is here!  This lake that still had ice on it yesterday afternoon now is ice-free!

These days I am making time to pay attention to the beauty and reminders that a change of season brings.  I am also working to share mindful practices of noticing and paying attention with the children in my life, both at home and at school.  It is so simple, yet so meaningful to make these connections with the natural world each day.







We had our first true day of Spring weather yesterday.  The birds are singing, trees are budding and there is a rumor that a dandelion was even seen on the school grounds.  

There are still spots of snow in the woods - and - the lakes are still frozen - but it is coming!  We are at the point of no return - no more winter!   I am not kidding myself, there is the likelihood of snow flurries before the end of May in NE Minnesota, but for now - I am very content without my winter coat and sporting my capris and flip flops when I can.



On Friday I put 12 eggs in the incubator with the kindergarten students.  I had them name the eggs.  They came up with:

Peep, Fluffers, Chirp, Luke, Lola, Daisy, Chicky, Harry, Susie, Paul, Diamond, Charlie and Hanna.

I got a brand new top-of -the-line incubator as a donation this year and I am happy to start my first hatch.

This year I am trying something new, I ordered a clutch of eggs Hatching Eggs For Education  from  In the assortment I received a combination of Bantam Birchen Cochins, Easter Eggers, New Hampshire Reds, Silver Laced Wyandote, Salmon Faverolles and maybe a wildcard or two.

We are looking forward to an early May hatch.  I will keep you posted!

Giveaway! Icy, Creamy, Healthy Sweet

I am so happy to share in the excitement of the release of:

Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet by Christine Chitnis.
CVR Icy Creamy Healthy Sweet_Roost Books copy

The book is full of beautiful photography and enticing recipes of refreshing, tasty and healthy frozen desserts that use whole foods and natural sweeteners.  

The first recipe we experimented with from the book was the frozen yogurt bark, which I was able to share on a post at  The recipe is a cool take on traditional chocolate bark that it lends itself well to experimentation.  You can add fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, seeds, toasted coconut or any tasty combination you can think of!  We tried this recipe out at our house using honey from our backyard hives, wild blueberries and some dark chocolate chips for good measure.  


Frozen Yogurt BarkChristine is partnering with Vitamix and for a bi-coastal book tour this summer, including stops in San Francisco, NYC and Seattle. Be sure to visit her at for event details.You can read more about Christine in an interview I posted here.

Christine & Kids

To celebrate the launch of Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet I get to giveaway a copy to a lucky reader!  To enter use the rafflecopter below and post comments.


Good Luck!



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We have been experiencing some pretty gloomy, snowy and muddy weather this week.  It is quite tempting to complain and give into the crabbies. 

However, I am working with intention to find pockets of light and love amidst this all - seeking moments of sunshine that can often be overshadowed by the clouds.

Today I am sharing just some simple snapshots that reflect gratitude:


sprouts of green in my kindergarten classroom


gifts of eggs from our flock of chickens


echoes of "mama kiss!" before I head off to work


all six of us eating together around our family table

yes, there is lot's of sunshine in my life these days - clouds, snowflakes, mud and all! 







::school days - April


The April issue of Minnesota Parent is available throughout Minnesota and online now.

The topic for my School Days Column in this month was "Raising a Kid with Grit." You can find the article through THIS LINK. 

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Be sure to check out all of the other great content in the full issue as well - and as always - thanks for reading!


embracing the chill






April fools! - we're back to winter weather in NE Minnesota.  

Today we are waking up to 19 degrees with snow in the forecast.  We are embracing the chill with hot tea, bowls of soup and evenings working on projects (and listening to audio books) around our family table.  

The kids have plenty of energy and are just putting back on their bundles to play outside.   I am making a point to slow down.  I had minor surgery on my leg about a week and a half ago and at my recent follow-up appointment my doctor told me that I had a choice - I could slow down and heal quicker, or I could drag out the healing process as long as I wanted.  I am opting for the quicker option.  So I am doing my best to take it easy - which is a challenge as a busy mom - but I am going to try to follow doctors orders so I can be back to my regular (pain free) self as soon as I can.