bunny yarn






I have been harvesting fiber from our bunny "Checker" since we got him late last Spring.  Today I put a new spool on my spinning wheel and started spinning some super-soft bunny yarn!

This afternoon I carved out just enough time to spin about half of what I have been collecting so far.  My plan is to add to this spool until I have a usable amount, then dye it and knit it into something simple and functional like a hat, shawl or scarf.

It is great to have hobbies like this to lean into on cold and rainy afternoons, and it is ever so meaningful to have the fiber sourced from our own little fiber bunny.

baby chicks






Yesterday morning we picked up 25 baby chicks from the post office!

Our current flock is close to retirement so we have decided to raise a new batch of chicks along side of our current layers.  If I remember correctly I ordered Americaunas, New Hampshire Reds, Welsummers, Barred Rocks and Silver Laced Wyandotes, all brown egg layers except the "Easter Egger" Americaunas which will produce blue or green eggs.

These new babies have added some excitement to our little homestead!

Garden Notes 8/15- a photographic garden journal








Oh how I love my garden in August!

We are in cucumber season where we have been picking and pickling garden dills and sweet pickles.  Every time we are in the garden we get to pick a few tomatoes and watch the pumpkins and squash grow and evolve. (Maybe next year I will get it right and I will remember to record what kind of pumpkins and squash I planted!)  We have some sunflowers showing their beauty as well.  

Indoors I have had lots of volunteers in the kitchen, signing off today with a snapshot of my most recent assistant pickler.



August - Back to School Tips


The August issue of Minnesota Parent is on stands and available online now!

For this issue I wrote some back to school tips for my School Days column....yes that time is coming!

You can find the article through THIS LINK.

Be sure to check out the full issue for all of the other great content as well.

Yup, time to get ready for school, but also to enjoy these last few weeks of summer!


in the kitchen








The August harvest is beginning! I am happy to be collecting cucumbers, peppers, raspberries and herbs from my garden.  I have also been supplementing our garden harvest with beans, and salsa fixings from farmer's markets and road-side stands to fulfill my desire to line my pantry shelves with home canned goods.  Along with my pickled beets I have recently made salsa, dilly beans and my first batch of garden dill pickles.  

I love this season of harvest that accompanies our short summer season!

summer popsicles


It is still summer.  

Sometimes I need to remind myself that as the weather is cooling and some leaves are already starting to change color in our neck of the woods.  Even though we are slowly purchasing school clothes and items on supply lists we are still in summer mode - making these days count.

And with that, I just wanted to take a minute to share a feature recipe I put together for the July issue of Minnesota Parent Magazine.

Check out the article here, and go make some popsicles!


6 days away from home




Portland, Maine






Portsmouth, NH


Attending the training were teachers from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia & Minnesota


Late yesterday afternoon I returned from 6 days away from home.  I attended a summer training intensive for the Yoga 4 Classrooms program in Dover, New Hampshire.  It was a great experience, where I was able to connect with a great group of educators from all across the country and learn a lot of great information that I will be bringing back to my colleagues at my school, and of course, my students.

The days of the training were intense, but I was able to explore my surroundings in the evening time.  I had some adventures with some new friends and some solo time exploring Portland, Maine and Dover and Portsmouth in New Hampshire.  

It was a great experience, but I am SO happy to be home.  


in the garden:: harvesting beets and herbs








Yesterday was a busy and productive day on the homestead!  After a fun weekend trip to the Twin Cities we spent a day catching up - feeding and watering animals, mowing the lawn, washing piles of laundry and tending to the garden.

I will be heading off on a solo-trip tomorrow, attending a school training on the East Coast, so I have an added sense of urgency to get as much as I can in order.  Yesterday, in the garden, that meant a harvest of beets and herbs.

This year I enlisted the help of my three older children, and they were an amazing help, lightening the load for this mama - and learning while partaking in the process themselves.   While I was cleaning and chopping herbs the kids had their own assembly line with the beets.  The beets boiled and softened while I mowed the lawn.  Then we pickled, canned and dehydrated finishing everything with enough time for a refreshing dip in the lake at the end of the day....not bad for a Monday!