Garden notes 5/27 - a photographic garden journal


Our garden is planted!

This weekend I spent some wonderful time digging in the dirt.  This year our garden includes:

::carrots, beets, pickling cucumbers, ornamental mini pumpkins, pie pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, and raspberries::

I also planted a border of flowers and herbs for my friends the honeybees.  

We also have our container gardens that are currently indoors which include herbs, flowers, lettuce, kale and chard.  


bunny love






We are enjoying our bunny "Checker."  Tending to him is easy.  He spends most of his time outdoors in his coop, we do take him in for frequent snuggles - sometimes accompanying us during our evening story times.  On a recent grooming we even able to harvest a little bit of fiber from this little guy, which I am collecting in my fiber bin for future use with plans to spin it into yarn.

He is proving to be a great addition to the homestead. 




Some little porkers arrived in our neighborhood, and we are happy that we will be sharing in the experience of raising hogs again this year.  Those of you who have been following along for a while know that a couple of years ago we raised three hogs on our own homestead.  This year, we are joining the endeavor with less of a commitment (we're going in on half a pig and a share of the farm chores when needed)


Yup, I am officially Mrs. Arable, again.  

I love it.

Garden notes 5/17 - a photographic garden journal







IMG_9524Our gardening news this week: a load of dirt!  We are slowly focusing on garden preparation.  Adding to the depth of our raised bed gardens with some more dirt.  Soon we will be tilling and soil testing.  

I am happy and hopeful for berries on our raspberry plants this year, they are looking great.

We have more seeds indoors than out, but the right time will come soon enough.  


Garden notes 5/11 -a photographic garden journal

I am going to try to record, document and share snapshots of our garden this year.


Here's our starting point!   Not too exciting, but I am happy to be digging in the dirt again.


We have a little garden neighbor - our angora bunny, who has been dubbed "Checker."  He was hopping all around today, excited with a little company (the mama digging in the dirt and four crazy kids in the backyard playing on the swing set).IMG_9460

We still have our girls.  I am still waiting on a hatch in my kindergarten classroom.  But we will be holding steady with this batch of layers this year.


I have two nucs of bees on order, but right now they are somewhere warmer than here - which is just fine.  I am eager to plant, but as  it is currently snowing, I am content keeping all of our seedlings indoors.

Cheers to the start of a new garden season!


It's slackline season

It's slackline season!  


 I thought it would be timely to repost these tips I put together a while back to have some fun with kids on a slackline.  Enjoy!


What is slacklining?  Slacklining is a portable outdoor activity that puts the ideas of tightrope walking and bouncing on a trampoline together in a portable, simple, yet challenging activity that practices balance, focus, and coordination. 

We purchased an ENO Slackwire slackline at the beginning of the summer for outdoor play.  At first, it was a little too challenging but then we added a simple guide-wire.  For us this simply meant setting up the slackline parallel to our clothesline and tying a jump rope to one end to make it easy for the kids to pull down the guide-wire within reach for independent play.  This simple adaption makes slacklining fun for kids and beginner adults.  Now our slackline has turned into a daily go-to place for play.

Once you get your slackwire and guideline set up it's time to play!  Try these suggestions for kid-friendly slackline ideas, tips, and activities for outdoor fun on a slackline:

  • Walk the Tightrope - Start by simply working to walk across the slackline without falling off using the guide-wire whenever needed.  As confidence, balance, and coordination build work to measure the distance or count the steps you take without the guide-wire. 

Walk the tightrope

  • Slackline Balance -  This can be done as an individual or as a competition.  Count how many seconds you can balance unsupported on the slackline or see who can stay on the line the longest.



  • Play Slackline Champion -  This game was developed by our four kids.  The gist of the game?  Do everything you can to knock the other person off the line.  The last one standing wins!


  • Slackline Obstacle Course - Create a backyard obstacle course with a slackline as one of the elements of the design.  

Slacklineoobstaclecourse*note -the top picture with 4 kiddos on a slackline was photographed just mere seconds before pandemonium.  Stick with the aforementioned recommendations - forego the effort to photograph four children smiling and engaged on one slackline. :-)